Wednesday, 28 May 2014

GEHWOL Herbal Pedicure

Our GEHWOL Herbal Pedicure is a luxurious treatment leaving your feet feeling healthy, super soft and supple. The treatment is a great combination of GEHWOL natural herbal products (The high quality foot care products since 1868), European Touch (The World’s Finest Pedicure Spa) and professional & personalised service of KIM (10 year experience in pedicure).  The treatment lasts about forty five minutes. We start by soaking your feet in warm herbal spa. After 5 to 10 minutes, the callus softener is applied to each toe and hard skin areas followed by shaping your toe nails, trimming your cuticles and removing your hard skin.  Then we apply the foot scrub to your feet. We finish the treatment with massage cream and cracked skin ointments. Your feet will look and feel wonderful after your treatment.

Professional Preparations


The well-tried combination of active ingredients including natural essential oils from rosemary, lavender, mountain pine and thyme helps to alleviate a lot of foot problems. The herbal bath is excellently suitable for the treatment of rough and brittle skin (fissures, cracks and reddening). Excessive foot perspiration is normalised and unpleasant foot odour is eliminated. GEHWOL herbal bath revitalises your feet. Regular use of the GEHWOL herbal bath will give you healthy and supple feet. Dermatologically tested.


2. GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT® Callus Softener

With the main ingredients of urea and lactic acid, it is used for precise and rapid softening of hard skin. After just five minutes, the softened hard skin can be easily removed, which means treatment takes considerably less time.


3. GEHWOL Mother of Pearl Scrub

GEHWOL Mother-of-Pearl Scrub acts with valuable Mother-of-Pearl powder, fine sugar crystals and massaging wax balls. Nuisance dead skin cells are removed, the skin is gently massaged and hydrated. Algae extract keeps the natural skin barrier intact with sea water which is rich in mineral substances. Jojoba oil renders the skin smooth and supple, bisabolol and panthenol soothe the skin and also protect against inflammations. Dermatologically tested and suitable for diabetics.


4. GEHWOL Emulsion for foot massage

It is made of essential oils from rosemary, lavender, peppermint and GEHWOL ingredients. GEHWOL Emulsion for foot massage creates a smooth film on the skin, which makes massaging pleasurable. Natural essential oils invigorate and promote circulation. GEHWOL Emulsion for foot massage provides long-lasting deodorisation and protects against fungal infections


5. GEHWOL med Salve for cracked skin

It is based on natural essential oils (Eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, menthol and camphor) the skin-caring vitamin panthenol and the chamomile component bisabolol. The ointment treat heavily callused, dry, cracked and rough skin and protect against inflammation. It stimulates blood flow while cooling and refreshing tired feet. Dermatologically tested and suitable for diabetics.


GEHWOL Herbal Pedicure with The World' Finest Pedicure Spa - European Touch.